$1 a minute Energy Healing

Thursday, April 25th

3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Held at Meditate Madison, the coziest and most nurturing nook in town.

We all need healing, whether it’s a chronic or acute physical ailment, an overactive worrisome mind, an emotionally challenging time. or a spiritual need for connection.

Meditate Madison’s New Intuitive and Empathic Energy Healer, Dineen Carta, is keenly skilled at creating the healing you need and welcomes You with a discounted offering of Goodwill, Kindness, and Regenerative Serenity & Wellbeing. Healing for What You’re Struggling With. Dineen’s healing is for mind-body-spirit. Come and Receive!
$1 a minute Thursday Energy Spot Healing 3-7 pm,
$1 a minute – Minimum 20 minutes
FIRST COME – FIRST SERVED – Pre-register to save your spot!

About Dineen: An advocate of the Unapologetic Expression of the True Essence, Power, and Beauty of each and every human being, and their innate right to feel good, Dineen Carta has a collection of offerings which include Empathic Energy Healing, Spiritual Life Coaching, Soul -music- art-song-writing-movement, and Intuitive Reading to bring Healing & Empowerment to those who desire to live freely as their healthy, whole, and lovable Selves.

Meditate Madison, 621 N. Sherman Ave, Suite B11

20 Minute Session


30 Minute Session


40 Minute Session


50 Minute Session


60 Minute Session



Poetry-Song-Art Share Group

Wednesday, May 1st

7:00 pm

We all have a creative side – some of us have developed this unhindered, and some of us may have had it silenced by the years or by those we thought would support us the most –

Well, now you have an opportunity to share the work of your Inner Artist in a supportive, engaging, and accepting atmosphere, led by Life Coach and Creative Healer, Dineen Carta. All are welcome- any level of experience! Bring your creations to the coziest and most nurturing nook in Madison! Looking forward to seeing You there!

If we really enjoy ourselves, this could become an ongoing event!

“Allow yourself to Rise to Life and Show Your Secret Face”

Pre-register $8, At Door: $10

Held at Meditate Madison, 621 N Sherman Ave, Suite B11

Pre-register $8



Sacred Soul Song Circle

Discovering The Song Your Soul Wants to Sing
Empowering You to Sing It

with Dineen Carta

Part 1: What is the Reason For My Being Here?

Part 2: What Aspects of Myself Do I Need To Call Back?

Part 3: Letting My Higher Self Lead Me.

This will be Experiential! Dineen will move you from the analytical mind to the Ground of your Being to Explore Your Truth.

Movement – Song – Poetry – Meditation

Dineen Carta who heralds from upstate NY is a Spiritual Life Coach, Artist, Poet, Singer, and an Intuitive & Empathic Energy Healer. She believes in the power of accessing our innate wisdom to speak our truth, embody our purpose and sing our unduplicated soul song wherever we find ourselves – whether in relationships, career, art or the living of life itself.

3 -Part Workshop – Take 1, Take All 3: $22 each,

or $55 package discount. Spots Limited.

Wednesdays, May 8th, June 12th, July 17th

Meditate Madison, 621 N. Sherman Ave, Ste B11

Pre-Register May 8th


Pre-Register June 12th


Pre-Register July 17th


Pre-Register All 3 Parts


The Path to Our True Selves leads to the Divine,

And the Path to the Divine leads us back to Our True Selves –

It’s a Circle inside us,

where only the most Beautiful Flowers & Trees can grow,

And walking there,

One only sees Magnificence.

We are called to Be this!!”

-Dineen Carta