Why Life Coaching?

Do you have a sense that there’s more to you than you’re expressing in your daily life?
Are you searching for a lasting and true Love relationship?
Do you desire a more communicative, intimate, or romantic primary relationship?
Do you wish you could navigate your personal life more easily and more happily?
Do  you spend too much of your time on facebook or watching T.V. instead of on creative pursuits?
Do you wish you had some time for yourself?
Do you still have dreams you wish you could pursue?
Do you wish for more satisfying, purposeful, and meaningful work?
Do you feel a yearning for something more?  Are you not sure what it is?
The essence of life is a spiritual journey, do you feel you need guidance on yours?
You might need a Transformational Life Coach.
Contact me. 
I can help. 
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I help men and women find their Authentic Creative Prolific Selves. I can help You Unveil Your Voice.

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Mini Bio

About Dineen

Hi, my name is Dineen Carta and I am a mid-life woman, a mother, a relationship partner,  a Psychosynthesis Transformational Life Coach, a Practitioner of Energy and Healing Touch Therapies and a spiritual devotee.

I have a 20-year old daughter, have spanned careers ranging from banking to human services, and have studied voraciously the topics of psychology and spirituality via The Awakened Heart School, Albany, NY and  The Synthesis Center, Amherst, MA, where I received my board certification.

My path has led me to serve others in their pursuit of Self-Love, Self-Mastery, Inner Fulfillment, Outer Manifestation, and Spiritual Practice.

Having practiced prayer my entire life, meditation for 20 years, yoga for 15 and qigong for 7, I have developed a wellspring from which to draw to assist my clients.  In addition, I have explored techniques in healing expression from acting and improv comedy, dance, and singing  to writing in the form of poetry, prose and journaling.  I have just completed my first book of autobiographical story poems about the challenge of single and romantic life and its lessons for all of us, especially women.

It is entitled “Loving The Ache” and is available through the link on the above menu.


My Story About Voice


About 17 years ago, when my daughter was four, I lost my voice. I didn’t just lose it for a day or 2, or even a week. I lost my voice for three entire years. In fact, I went to doctors and specialists at the time who said, “You’ll never get your voice back. At the very most, we may be able to give you some sound if you take botox injections into your throat. But there are no guarantees,” they said. So, here I was, a mother of a young child who couldn’t yell!!

I joke but you can imagine the difficulty of living life without being able to speak. My voice would sometimes come out in a whisper, which would allow me at times to read stories to my little girl. I was a single mom needing employment. However, finding jobs where you don’t need to talk is more than a feat.   I couldn’t be heard on a phone, let alone at the helm of any customer service desk. I couldn’t negotiate. I couldn’t participate at meetings….

Dineen 19
I went back to the specialists who told me once again that I would never get my voice back. They explained that this “kind of thing” just happens to people and nobody really knows why. What they explained was that the muscles around my vocal chords were tightening spontaneously, not allowing my vocal chords to vibrate which was required to make sound. The Botox injections ( which they said were really my only option if they even worked) would be administered through my neck via a long needle that had to strategically avoid the chords themselves and somehow reach the stiffened muscles beyond them. Botox they explained was actually a toxin from snake venom that in small doses could possibly relax the muscles. As you can imagine, there was great risk of permanent damage and I was not only un-intrigued, I was scared.


You Deserve It

Support For Women

“The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else” –U.K.

Girl on bike

I am a woman’s woman.  In other words, I don’t bash, I build up, other women. I encourage, inspire and support women to live according to their ideals and their vision.  I know what it’s like to live alone and face challenges that require determination and self-discipline.  I raised my 21-year old daughter myself and forged a path that I was told I wouldn’t be able to.  I did it anyway. And it wasn’t always easy. But I kept at it. I  also have really positive, fulfilling, communicative  relationships with men today and a wonderful romantic partner that have also been the result of a lot of dedication and work.  I believed it was possible and I found those who wanted to put in the amount of effort I did. You can have all this too.

Let me start at the beginning:

photo-1439902315629-cd882022cea0 I made a series of choices early on that led to even more pain.  I married the wrong guy, forged the wrong career and found myself in the throes of depression.  I reached a point where I knew that if I were ever going to be happy again, I had to dig myself out of the hole I had dug.

I explored any means of healing and self-expression I could find to discover my joy again.   This spanned the arts and immersed study of spirituality and psychology. My life experiences and explorative study led me to realize that many women suffer from this same or similar life trajectory.


Your Personal Reset Button

Healing Touch

How Do I know if I need Healing Touch?Healing Touch

Many times what we are going through emotionally, mentally or spiritually shows up in the body. That bodily manifestation is our warning sign to to hurry up and start taking better care of ourselves. This is what was going on for me when I lost my voice (See “My Story About Voice”).
Some people have chronic headaches, or neck pain. Sometimes our mind might feel “fuzzy” or unfocused. We might feel depressed or tired…. While some of our aches and ailments are from injury, some are the cumulative results of repeatedly denying what we know deep inside we need to move, change, or heal in our lives. Trauma is often lodged this way.
Healing and energy work is wonderful on its own and as a complement to life coaching, as it allows for this lodged energy to be moved, not only through airing it through speaking, but by giving it the proper channels to move through and be released energetically, instead of moving in circles, around and around inside our bodies.

What is Healing Touch?


Black Underwear

A feminine Empowement Event

Dineen Carta of Unveil Your Voice Life Coaching Presents: An Integrated Theater Therapy Event

Black Underwear | A Feminine Empowerment Theatrical Performance

Saturday, January 27, 2018, Spirit Tree Connections, 987 New Loudon Road, Rte 9, Latham, NY,  7pm


We can’t begin to create change in our lives simply by being told how. Real change is ignited only when you can experience alignment in your body, your heart and your mind.
– Dineen Carta

Dineen Carta is the creator of Black Underwear – the Integrated Theater Therapy Event: a dynamic one-woman show of what can be accomplished when we engage all aspects of our essential selves.

“I’m taking my life coaching, my energy healing work, my poetry and my performing arts background and putting it all together in a one- of-a-kind stage performance,” says Dineen. “It’s something I’ve never seen done.”

Integrated Theater Therapy is a fresh new format that combines theatric performance with therapeutic approaches to unlock personal, emotional, and spiritual development.

While most life coaches focus on public speaking, Dineen is turning the format on its head by making it more creative, more performative and interactive, so people can see growth in action.

The performance is divided into two parts: a stage play and an interactive coaching opportunity.

“I’m showing through my performance in real time how women can do this with their lives,” says Dineen. “It’s about embracing all of ourselves and living from that place as best you can.

Dineen says she believes the key to change is to access the inherent wisdom and creativity that you alone possess.

Black Underwear | A Feminine Empowerment Theatrical Play & Performance explores the challenges of all women through its main character, Sunny. Her inner world is brought to life through three characters that represent her heart, mind and instinct. We see these characters grapple with the events in Sunny’s life.

This Integrated Theater Therapy Event is based on Loving the Ache: A Woman’s Journey, a collection of Dineen’s poetry and prose that explores the connection between women’s sensuality and their spirituality. Poetry from the book is featured and used to punctuate scenes in the performance.

“I want women in the audience to come in with their individual stories and leave feeling like they are part of a community,” says Dineen. I’m hoping there will be a sense of empowerment and shared experience.”

Dineen’s ITT event is adaptable to many sized venues and she is interested in bringing Sunny to many audiences. To host a show, use the contact page on this website to contact Dineen directly.