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Healihands in balanceng Touch is a hands-near or on the clothed body technique that works with our body’s energy system, known as the chakras and meridians, and aura. We are, as human beings, made up of energy. Physics has proved this – all matter is actually very, very slow moving energy. When we are healthy and happy, our bodies and the energy inside and around it are constantly regenerating themselves. When we are under stress, experiencing negative thoughts or feelings, or are ill in any way, our energy becomes blocked, or compromised. Basically, it doesn’t flow as it should. Our thoughts, and feelings carry an energetic vibration too and can be of a lower or higher vibration which can affect the state of our health.

The good news is that no matter what you are dealing with, suffering from or experiencing that weighs you down energetically in thought, emotion or spirit, it can be remade, removed, realigned and changed via Healing Touch and bolstered by Life Coaching. Our minds can take on different ideas and thought patterns that are more positive for our energy systems. These new thought patterns and changed energy can actually retrain your brain to respond differently as you move forward. Did you know that the brain has grooves over which ideas and their energy travel? With healing touch and life coaching, you can actually create new grooves and live from a more positive, peaceful, faith-filled place. This creating of new pathways of thought, emotion, body responses, and spiritual intuition is called elasticity. We are not stuck where we are, we can evolve and grow. In fact, we are meant to evolve and grow our entire lives becoming richer and richer versions of ourselves with greater and greater life satisfaction.


How Quickly Does Healing Touch Work?

Your Personal Reset Button Healing - Touch

Healing Touch will provide release and relaxation similar to what some people feel in deep meditation. This usually happens during and right after the first session. You may even feel lighter and freer. The deeper work of releasing and realigning our energy, thoughts, emotions and spirits for most of us is a process that can be embarked on through regular energetic healing support and life coaching.


What can I expect from a Session?

As a practitioner of prayer, meditation, qigong, yoga and energy work, I am able to raise the vibration in my energy system and then connect with yours through light touch. When I do this, the energy in your system is raised. It gets the energy flowing freely and evenly, putting you in a place to heal more rapidly than you normally would. My effectiveness lies in my ability to center with and appreciate the sacred in everyday life, myself and the person coming to see me. We are meant to be unconditionally loved, accepted and embraced for who we are and this is my mission when I work with you. This sense of compassionate holding is palpable.


What are some results of Energetic Healing Work?

  • Increased Relaxation
  • Reduction in Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Mental Chatter or Worry
  • Increased sense of Spiritual Well-being
  • Reduction in Pain
  • Reduction in Swelling
  • Support During Chemotherapy (Also Decreased Nausea)
  • Preparation for Medical Procedures (Also management of Side Effects)
  • More Rapid Recovery from Medical Procedures


Healing Touch and the Caregiver

Your Personal Reset Button- Healing TouchMany of us carry heavy responsibilities and are experiencing transitions in our lives in which our presence is relied upon. We desire to give ourselves fully to those things and people that demand our attention and service because that is who we are and we know they are counting on us. But, sometimes we feel “empty” or pushed beyond our personal resources and we need to recharge. In order to give out energy, we need to take some in for ourselves. We need to maintain our energy system and periodically “fuel up” as it were. In addition, our body may be storing our stress by causing some kind of pain or discomfort, from which we need relief.

This is where I come in. As a Energy Healing Provider, I use gentle, light or near-body touch to clear, balance, energize and support your energy system. This unleashes your body’s own natural restorative powers – helping you, heal you. In my services, I add to this, Life Guidance to help you maintain balance and inner stillness as you face the challenges that arise. In essence, you can experience relaxation and renewal to handle with greater ease the daily responsibilities that are calling to you.


Creating a Sense of Physical, Emotional, & Spiritual Well-Being

Creating a sense of well-being is one way in which Healing Touch and Energy Healing facilitates the healing process. This can occur with one session or after many. It can also lead to a greater awareness of one’s purpose and one’s connection to others.
Well-being is an overarching term that is usually used to convey a sense of peace or happiness with one’s life and health. Some might call it a positive attitude. Others describe it as having a sense of meaning in life. Healing and Energetic Touch works with the energy field that permeates all the individual’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects to create a heart-centered interaction between the client and provider that often helps create a sense of well-being.


Reversing the Effects of Long-Term Depression and AnxietyYour Personal Reset Button - Healing Touch

Anxiety and depression are very common in today’s global society and can cause much hardship for a person and those who love him or her. Oftentimes, medication may be needed. In one study, symptoms of depression using a standardized test were found to decrease faster in those receiving Healing Touch. In another Australian study, depression was found to result in a disconnection from self, others and the world. In this study, Healing Touch was helpful in providing an opportunity for patients to experience understanding, safety, trust, and positive anticipation in order to reconnect with one’s self, others and the world. In addition, for women suffering from breast cancer, there was a pronounced improvement in their levels of depression, anxiety and anger compared with a group who did not receive Healing Touch. Safe and non-invasive, Healing and Energetic Touch treatments provide the comfort and support that is often needed for those suffering from anxiety and depression.


Healing Touch and the Reduction of Pain

All pain is relative to the person experiencing it. Even when the same painful procedure is done, different people often experience the pain in different ways. The experience is dependent on a number of factors and includes such things as previous experiences with pain and individual body chemistry and structure. There is even a difference in pain perception between the sexes. Using energy therapies like Healing Touch can influence a person’s response to pain in many ways in which it is interpreted by the body. These include the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of being.

Numerous studies have been conducted showing Healing Touch’s ability to decrease both acute and chronic pain. In fact, some of the most compelling response to Healing Touch work are found with pain relief in hospital settings. Many of these studies are sited with detail at


Healing Touch and Life Coaching

Healing Touch is beautiful, effective and relaxing all on its own. Life Coaching is transformative, inspiring, life-changing all on its own. Together, they are magic! I love working with these modalities in tandem to create the most effective experience and most generative results for my clients. Contact me today for either or both!


Healing Touch and Yoga Therapeutics

Yoga Therapeutics allows me to use props like bolsters, blankets, and eye pillows to place my clients in the most supported state of relaxation. I am thrilled to offer this service as well either on its own or as a complement to healing touch or coaching services.

Healing Touch and Yoga Therapeutics