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We find ourselves trying to fit into some pre-determined image of what a successful woman is supposed to be, instead of being who we really are inside. We don’t know that’s what we’re doing, because our inner guidance is deep under all these veils of what we’ve been taught by our society or culture. We receive so many messages from the media and authority figures: “Be Quiet”, “Be Pretty”, “Be Sexy”, “Be Successful”, “Be Smart, but not too Smart” or “Don’t Be Sensitive”, “Don’t Be Soft”, “Don’t Show Your Tears”, “Don’t Be Afraid”, but “Don’t Stick Your Neck Out Either”, “Don’t Make Others Feel Uncomfortable”.  These are just some of the dictates we receive.  I’m sure you may be able to think of others.  What they all tell us is: “Be Pleasing to Everyone, but You”, “Put Yourself Last, Even When Your Needs Are Not Met”, “You Don’t Have a Right to Ask for What You Want”, “You Don’t Deserve to Be Powerful, Smart, Soft and Brilliant”.

What happens is, we suppress parts of ourselves as a result of all these messages.  We change and adapt so people will love and accept us. But, as we change and adapt, we squelch Our Spirits. We bury our Unique Light. And, I am here to tell you, the world needs our Feminine Light. The world needs Your Light. And if the world seems too big for you, need your Light. I really do, because your light is Beautiful and Real and All Your Own.  There’s no one else on this planet, in this universe, in this physical, energetic, cosmic plane exactly like You and You are a Ray of the Ultimate Reality – the Ultimate Beauty of All That Is. And I’m here to tell you, “You’re not here to be pleasing to everyone else.” “You are here to be pleasing to You – the inner You – the part of you that knows deep down that there’s something absolutely exquisite about who you are – the part of you that enjoys your own talents or creativity or that loves like a deep well quenches.

We, as women, are broken in many ways. We struggle with knowing ourselves. We compare ourselves to others. We compete with other women, or have been the recipient of bullying by our own kind. We may look for support and not find it in the places we normally look, so we think it doesn’t exist for us. But, I’m here to tell you, it does exist.

As a spiritual guide and life coach, I support women to share who they are – who they really are – in a safe place and then out in their relationships and lives. How can we have what we really want in our lives if we’re not able to stand up and voice what we want and need; if we’re not able to express our values and what we value to our partners, friends, colleagues, family and communities. It starts close to us.  What are your resentments? How are you not feeling heard and supported in your relationships? How are you denying your needs? How are you holding back? And also, what makes you feel warm inside? What makes you feel happy? What inspires you?

In coaching, we can explore all of this and bring your life Alive.

The Feminine Spirit is deeply needed in our society. I’m not talking about the sexualized, objectified “Victoria Secret” commercial version of femininity. I am talking about the compassionate, creative, regal, passionate, intimate, intelligent, heartful, say-it-like-you-mean-it femininity that we all have and need to unearth.

I have personally worked on this spiritually feminine path with all its color, challenge, love and light, for my whole life. I can help you embark on yours.

My first thoughts go out to women trying to find their way as I had, one step at a time. I know sometimes they may become derailed. With  52 years under my belt, I am full of insights and maintain a connection to the struggles of  women of all ages, especially those who don’t want to follow the masses. With this in mind, I’ve compiled an autobiographical book of story poems that I wrote, beginning in my late 20’s about the angst and challenges of single and romantic life and its lessons for all people, especially women. It is entitled “Loving the Ache” and is available here or through the link at the top bar, which includes

leap womanMy life coaching is steeped in the belief in the Spirit in each of us. I believe we all have a driving force within us to evolve and grow and manifest our unique purpose while we are here. I believe that if we answer “Yes” to the “Call” within ourselves, time and time again, we ultimately can live with a sense of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. It is my drive to help others, especially women, answer that call in their very own, special, purposeful, authentic way.

My job, I feel, is to cheer you on while you do that, shining light where it needs to be shone, and being a mirror so your own light shines back on you. I believe in the human heart. I believe in the Soul. I believe in men and women. I believe that the authentic voice of each person can join a collective song that can change the world. I want to help lead the choir. I want to help you start singing. Contact me right away to get started!