I decided that day that I was not going to accept their prognosis any longer. I, myself, was going to find a way to heal. That was the beginning. I went to an acupuncturist for awhile and I tried homeopathy. As I am a great believer in alternative modalities, I was disappointed when neither of these provided relief from my invisible, shaky, desperate voice. Later, I discovered that the answers lie even deeper.

Woman Meditating on Beach --- Image by © Hannah Mentz/Corbis
Woman Meditating on Beach — Image by © Hannah Mentz/Corbis

So, the next step turned out to be the most powerful one. In order to speak outward, I turned INWARD. And it is from this step that I present myself as a Life Coach to you now. I began to meditate which put me in touch with my inner knowing. Through prayer and meditation, I discovered two significant truths about myself that would unlock the door to UNVEILING MY VOICE again.

The first was that I had not been following or listening to my own INNER VOICE for a long time. I was getting up every morning and facing the day, but I had not been truly living. I had not been following my inner callings. In fact, I had forgotten they were even there. I had opted more than once to bury these quiet yearnings to be unearthed some other day, in the future, when I was “ready”. Funny that readiness day never seemed to come….or hadn’t I let it?

The second realization was that I was not using my OUTER VOICE to speak my Truth and share who I am and what I knew in the world. At this point in my life, I had been studying spirituality and psychology for 10+ years both formally and informally. I had read every book on these subjects that I could find until the messages in each were repeating themselves and overlapping. Beginning after my divorce in 1997, I had attended the Awakened Heart School in Albany, NY since before it was on the grid. I was an avid enthusiast of the poet Rumi, and authors: Eckhardt Tolle( The Power of Now), Iyanla Vanzant( One Day My Soul Just Opened Up), and Michael Singer (Untethered Soul). I applied everything to myself that I discerned would help me. I learned, I grew, but I still could barely speak.

Instead, I remained doubtful of my abilities because I had never tried to use them. I was always a student, even when I could have stepped into Teacher. Until the day I decided to take those 2 truths I learned in meditation and prayer: TO LISTEN CLEARLY TO AND ACT ON THE ADVICE OF MY INNER VOICE AND TO SPEAK OUT MY LIFE THROUGH MY OUTER VOICE. This simple but challenging daily commitment has changed my life in every way.ebVN6fGdle66a6AZVLQkQ14TyAaYf1n4fiknHuvVk2Y

As soon as I made my initial promise to myself that I would use my voice in the world for greater good, my physical voice returned from nothing to about 50% usage. I committed to give Spirit and my Will the credit for my transformation. As I used my Will to overcome seeming mental, emotional, physical and spiritual obstacles, I became a stronger and stronger vessel of influence and change not only in myself, but also in those around me.

  • Today, I have a booming and beautiful voice again! I even Sing!
  • My daughter is 23 years old, & successfully completed her degree at RIT.
  • I became certified as a Psychosynthesis Life Coach and enjoy helping my clients thrive instead of just survive.
  • I have guided others toward Empowering Careers,  Special Relationships, Deep Spiritual Practice, Life Balance and Creative Play.

What I’ve found is that we all have that something deep within calling us to grow beyond our current limitations or established boundaries of who we perceive ourselves to be. Living life fully is always picking up that phone and answering that call – not always in some grand sweeping gesture, but in increments with support.

That’s where I come in. I am a professionally trained Certified Psychosynthesis Transformational Life Coach which means I can partner with you in holding all the pieces – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual – that you need to align to get you where you’re going. And you may not always know exactly where you’re going. We can assess the options and I can offer you inquiring questions that can help open up the space for some answers to emerge for you. In addition, we can work sensitively with those things that have held you back in the past. Sometimes we have one part of us that is on board with our goals and other parts of us that are not so sure. We can both honor and work constructively with these opposing forces. I assure you we all have them! I will walk with you on the path of your life and I will help you develop a vision and then manifest it. Combining my personal experience and training, I empower men and women to let their Best Self Speak. In essence, I help you UNVEIL YOUR VOICE – like I did.